here's some sites I like or am linking for one reason or another, please check them out!

niv pit site of one of my friends, he makes cool stuff!!
WSMZ a web 1.0 themed site and the inspiration for this (thanks!)
neocities pretty cool place that lets you host your own personal site, for free!
Surge free, command line web hosting. what this is currently on!
Internet Archaelogy source of some of my graphics and all round cool site
A.N. Lucas' Lounge another source of gifs for me, check her out!
aozametaneko guy that made the seamless texture you see in the background
90s button gives you a random banger when you press a button, first one I ever got was captain jack so you know it's good
graphicsgale my pixel art program of choice, it's not foss but it's good and free