this is where I talk about games I like (and maybe one day even some I've made)

OneShot is a cute indie adventure game, there's a freeware version and a steam version. highly recommend the steam one but please give the freeware one a go if nothing else
Sonic Heroes ok hot take I know but this game isn't great, but it pretty much was my childhood and I love it dearly so it'd feel wrong if I didn't put it here
LSD: Dream Emulator weird game from 1998 based on the dream diary of Hiroko Nishikawa (which can be found here). very strange but well worth a play. has given me some ideas of things I want to make in the future
EarthBound yeah how original I know, but it's seriously a good rpg that you should try out! mother 3, its sequel, is good too!
Victoria 2 is a grand strategy game by paradox where you take the reigns of a nation during (wait for it) the victorian era, pretty fun and the economy system is amazing. suggest giving it a go if you're a fan of those kinds of game.
Katamari Damacy the soundtrack bangs, the gameplay bangs, whole game is great. emulate the fuck outta it.
PAYDAY The Heist pretty solid fps. mow down hordes of cops, rob banks, beats the sequel imo.
DEFCON world's first genocide-em-up. you and some friends play out the final days of man in this RTS. never before has thermonuclear war been so fun!